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U.S. President Barack Obama will change several numbers of controversial policies by President George W. Bush, including the restriction of the parent embryo cell research [...]

Beyonce Will Never Sell Her Wedding Photo

Beyonce said, she will never consider to sells her wedding photo with Jay-Z to a celebrity magazine that offering a large amount of money as rewards, even she wonder with the amount of money that offered to her [...]
Guns N 'Roses

Guns N 'Roses Will Back

After 15 years not releasing album, the group rock Guns N ' Roses will launch a new album in the United States on 23 November. The band's latest album is "The Spaghetti Incident", released in 1993 [...]

Ipod Can Make Your ear Buzz

Music is one way to wake the spirit, to create happy life, but what happens if the music makes the ears buzz? of course, not the music that makes the ear 'buzzy',[...]

Monday, August 17, 2009

Geng Exchange Link

Nak letak link blog/website korang di sini ?

No problemo...ikuti langkah2 atau syarat2 di bawah ni erk :

1.Tulis nama & email korang...smiley Pictures, Images and Photos

2.Website/blog korang...Jika korang ade lebih dari 1 blog, korang boleh sertakan blog korang yang lain itu jugak...

3.Tapi sebelum tu, pastikan korang dah letak link blog rejeks ni kat blog korang terlebih dahulu ye... Photobucket

Jika korang telah mengikut syarat2 di atas ini, dengan serta mertanya link blog korang akan tertera di ruangan ini...

Ok...Good luck.!

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